About us

Oodit was created and controlled bij Koen Willems and Jonathan van den Bosch.

About Koen and Jonathan

Since 2004 Koen Willems has been professionally involved in inspections and risk management and was at the very heart of the creation of Rabo RisiGo, Holland’s biggest risk-management program within the insurance branch.

Jonathan van den Bosch is responsible for the concept of the application and has won the usability award more than once.

As a team Koen and Jonathan are responsible for Oodit’s products.

Our personal motivation

After years of inventing concepts for risk management and inspection applications for major institutions - with the institution’s interest being first priority - it is our strong belief that risk management and establishing inspections does not have to be difficult or complicated. What we aim at is finding solutions for an application that really makes companies safe, instead of being a mere leadgenerator.

We want to seize the opportunity to transmit our own view regarding e.g. a Saas solution that is easy to use and really focuses on risk management instead of only mapping out insurable risks as leadgenerator for insurance companies.

Trends and developments

The need for realtime risk management has increased. Signaling and predicting risks has become mainstream. It’s all about knowing instantly which risks are at stake and which measures need to be taken. Right from the start risk management has to be clear and comprehensible for anyone. Risk management should be as easy as assembling Ikea’s Billy bookcase.

Our mission

We aim for a safer world by innovating and modernizing risks and inspections. We strongly believe that risk management and inspection solutions should be affordable, available and user friendly, but, above all, need to result in high investment efficiency.

Furthermore we want to share our know-how.

In order to achieve this we invest in the latest techniques and know-how, thus trying to make our solutions even more user-friendly, also by listening to our clients’ needs.

Our aim is to offer risk management and inspection software that is as reliable as running water, anywhere, for any company. We achieve this by offering a state-of-the-art SaaS solution at a very competitive price.


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