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Gain insights in your clients risk profile, which enables you to serve your clients even better.

From selling policies to risk adviser?

The times in which an insurance adviser was viewed as a reseller of insurance policies have perished. From a business perspective the term "risk management" is an important aspect to integral management, because knowing and managing risks that can influence business goals with a negative outcome, this is where the entrepreneur thrives to make additional profits. The number of entrepreneurs that view their intermediaries as “risk adviser” is continuously growing. They are used to discussing complex (insurable) risks with their clients, but proper analysis and reporting of these risks takes a lot of effort from the risk adviser.

To support the process for the risk adviser, in terms of identifying, assessing and managing appropriate measures we have created Oodit RiskPlan. Oodit RiskPlan is an online risk management application in which the integrality of mitigating measures becomes norm. In other words, with Oodit RiskPlan your risk management will become a part of business planning and performance cycle, not only on the corporate level but especially in daily operations.

Risico’s analyseren en beheren

Oodit RiskPlan is a user-friendly online risk management solution. This enables you to easily identify, organise, analyse and manage the risks for your clients, together with your whole team (or make separate teams for each client for example). By using our knowledge base the risk adviser has access to template that are loaded with current risks focused on the corresponding branche. These publicly accessible templates are loaded with risks, measures, white papers and relevant instructions. It is also possible to share a risk plan with your clients so they can view their risk plans online. This provides the possibility for selected teams to manage their risks within their own online environment. One of the features in this environment is that your client can report an issue or incident through the app that will show up directly in the RiskPlan. It is also possible, thanks to our extensive reporting tool, to give you and the client real time insights in the current status of risk management in the whole company.

A unique feature of Oodit RiskPlan is our assessment workshop. This enables you and your clients to:

  • Collaborate
  • Gain insights
  • Stimulate creativity and create risk awareness
  • Insights into risks that challenge the business continuity
  • Work together to map the risks that the client can accept and which can be mitigated by preventative measures.
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RiskPlan enables you to …

  • Create higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower the costs of possible damages
  • More frequent contact between risk adviser and client
  • Clear insights into actions for clients and risk adviser
  • Supplementary to already available services of the risk adviser
  • Create client awareness in both risks and mitigating measures
  • Gain insights in your clients risk profile, which enables you to serve your clients even better

Uitgangspunten ontwikkeling Oodit Riskplan

Ga snel van start

  1. Een account aanmaken
  2. Gebruik een template of maak een leeg plan aan
  3. Risico's en maatregelen toevoegen
  4. Nodig betrokkenen uit in uw team
  5. Organiseer interactieve beoordelingssessies
  6. Spot risico's met onze app

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