Nautical Risk Management

Risks and measures in a centralised database, made insightful on a nautical map.

Integrality of nautical risks

An organisation of a seaport is familiar with the risks associated with global supply of security like no other. Proper analysis and reporting of nautical or maritime risks requires quite a lot from the organisation, the suppliers and off course personnel. To help support organisations like a seaport, in developing and implementing risk management frameworks and guidelines based on real-time data, we developed Oodit RiskPlan. Oodit RiskPlan is an online risk management application in which the integrality of nautical risk management becomes the norm. In other words, risk management thus becomes part of the safety planning and performance cycle. Not only on the corporate level but especially in daily operations.

RiskPlan from Oodit has given our risk management and safety awareness an enormous boost.

Jan Willem Verkiel
Manager Harbourmaster Policy, Port of Rotterdam

Analyse and manage risks

Our user friendly risk management application enables you to organise risks and manage them with your entire team. Organisations can use the centrally controlled library in which all risks and measures used by seaports are gathered. This library can be used to create a new risk plan for a new location for example or for an existing location that doesn’t have a corresponding risk plan yet. All risks, notifications and measures will be shown real-time on a nautical map in which detailed information can be viewed by the click of a mouse.

  • Gain insights in risks that could potentially harm the safety of a seaport.
  • All stakeholders can be invited to an online risk assessment.

After composing a risk plan you will have immediate insights in the risks that could potentially harm business continuity. The extended map functionalities enable you to view risks for a specific location and view the impact of a measure. With information like this available, it could make you rethink your business strategy. In short, with Oodit RiskPlan we offer a platform that stimulates awareness among your personnel and obtains useful information for each layer of the organisation.

Interested in Oodit Nautical Risk Management?

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RiskPlan takes care of …

  • Risk and measures in a centralised library
  • Clear overview of measures/tasks, including succession and budgeting
  • Retrospective analysis, for every layer of the organisation
  • Real-time data
  • Stimulating awareness of risks and measures in your employees
  • Excellent bargaining position for (re)insurance or (re)financing

Principles for developing Oodit Risk Plan


  1. Create an account
  2. Use template from library or create your own risk plan
  3. Add risks and measures
  4. Invite collaborators to join your team
  5. Organise interactive risk assesments
  6. Spot risks with our own app

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