Safety and privacy

Oodit Riskplan is a product of 72Media BV.
72Media BV will deal with your business data with due care.
Your data are and will remain safe

We have taken measures to keep it that way. When using Oodit you must be able to rely on that. We do ask for a number of data so that you can use Oodit and so we will be able to help you effectively. Which type of data we ask and what we need them for is mentioned below. You will also see what your rights are, who has access to your data and how long we will store your data.

E-mail address
Your e-mail address is your username with which you login to your Oodit account. We also use your e-mail address to send you notifications related to your use of Oodit.
We will store your password in encrypted form. So we do not know your password. When you login Oodit checks the password.
Your name is used in Oodit so that you and your co-users are able to recognise each other’s data.
Telephone number
This is needed to contact you when necessary or to send you a message containing an access code for extra safe login. We will not call you unnecessarily.
This is the internet address from which you use Oodit. We store this to be able to detect possible misuse or cyber-attacks on Oodit. After 2 years we delete your data.
Cookies enable us to recognise you when you are logged in to Oodit and personalise Oodit for you. If you don’t want to use them, you will have to set your browser on “cookies off”. When you accept the cookies they will remain on your computer for five years, unless you remove them before. Switching off cookies may restrict your use of our website and services.
What are the legal grounds for using your personal information?

According to law we are obliged to indicate what the legal grounds are for using your personal information. In this case that is “for performance of our agreement with you”. The fact is that 72Media, the company behind Oodit, has an agreement with the organisation that you belong to. The agreement states that users of the organisation get access to Oodit. Therefore we only ask for basic information to be able to use Oodit.

Who have access to your personal data?

We do not share your data with third parties. We never sell your data to third parties. It is possible that the person that functions as Administrator within your organisation is able to see your data.

Where are your data stored?

Your data are stored in our databases. This is actually realised in Amsterdam and we store a copy in Delft. We take the safety of our systems and our users very seriously and we attach great value to improving that continuously.

How long do we keep your data?

We retain your personal information for no longer than is necessary. We store your data as long as we have an agreement with the organisation that you belong to. After the conclusion of this agreement we will remove your data.

Your rights?

You will stay in control of your personal information. If you’d like to see the personal information that we hold about you and request a copy, login to Oodit, navigate to Settings and you can see and change your data. If you want to remove your personal information, let us know by post or e-mail. In order to be certain of your identity we may ask for additional information. We also do so in case of unclear requests.

Questions or Complaints?

For questions or complaints about your data and privacy protection you can contact us:

Post: Veembroederhof 115, 1019 HD Amsterdam.

If you are not satisfied about the way 72Media handles your privacy you can contact the Privacy Authority.

Who are we?

72 Media BV

BTW-identificatienummer: NL81043 3941B01

Veembroederhof 115
1019HD Amsterdam

Changes to his Privacy policy

This privacy statement may change. We recommend that you check regularly whether there are changes. Date latest release: 24 June 2018