Oodit Riskplan | Manage, analyse and prevent risks

Manage, analyse and prevent risks

Oodit Riskplan is software that helps improve safety in your organisation.

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people choose Oodit Riskplan, as an integrated solution for risk identification, assessment and reduction, Oodit Riskplan covers the entire risk management cycle.


Address the full risk management cycle
Ensure costs, reporting and decision-making
User friendly risk management


We created Oodit Riskplan specifially for managing risks, measures and reports. And here’s what we came up with.

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The concept of
managing your risks



Team collaboration

Invite external experts, share knowledge and collaborate with distributed teams.

ISO 31000 compliance

Project Risk Management ISO 31000 based process helps you to manage your risks.

Project management

Risk management as a continuous, disciplined process of problem identification and resolution organization.

Risk library

Public risk library in order to get you started quickly. Easily create and manage your risk library and create templates based on this library.

Interactive risk assessment

Use the power of collaborative risk identification and assessment with your team. Experts and project environment.

Risk visualisation

Use visualization tools to help provide smoother and more predictable risk management.

Incident management

Use our app on your tablet or phone (iOS and Android) for offline incident reporting.

3 risk calculation methods

Use multiple evaluation methods and aggregate risks for a live and global overview.


  1. Create an account
  2. Use template from library or create your own risk plan
  3. Add risks and measures
  4. Invite collaborators to join your team
  5. Organise interactive risk assesments
  6. Spot risks with our own app

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